The Iranian Association of International Criminal Law was established in 1397 (2018). Its aims are the expansion and promotion of scientific advances in international criminal law, the development of specialists, and improving education and research in international criminal law and transnational and international criminal justice institutions and procedures. The Association began its activities in March 2016 with the cooperation of prominent academics, and with the official authorization of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. The Iranian Association of International Criminal Law is a non-profit organization and intends to develop its relations with scientific associations, civil society, and international organizations working toward ideals of criminal justice. Part of this cooperation is dedicated to education and research by inviting prominent faculty members, judges, and lawyers in order to impart to the young and interested generation the latest achievements and developments in the field. Exchange of information and transfer of experiences of judicial and executive agents is another goal of the association, and the association hopes to achieve the effective presence of Iranian agents in international scientific forums and circles by cooperating with the efforts of national and international organizations and institutions.

   In the field of research and studies of international criminal law, in addition to books, dozens of articles have been the result of the efforts of students in master’s and doctoral programs that have been published in specialized journals. This indicates the great importance that has been given to this particular field of law in educational programs and scientific studies. It is hoped that in the training of Iranian judges, more emphasis will be placed on the practical aspects of the opinions and theories of legal scholars, recalling the progress made in the international judiciary.